(for the Oculus RIft version please get in touch)

_proto_ether_fields_v.1_ is an audiovisual Virtual Reality experience that explores a quantum physics theory that states that reality consists of a web of vibrating fields of energy that are in constant interaction with each other. According to this theory, called Quantum Field Theory, every particle in the universe is the actualization of one possibility of a field of many different potentialities.

The work attempts to transport the user to the very fine levels of an abstract proto-reality; a point where reality only exists as an infinite field of multiple possibilities and interactions. The consciousness of the user collapses these proto-fields from pure platonic ideas into tangible architectures that are transmitted into our corporeal reality through the channel of human consciousness.

The users are invited to experience and explore three different levels of abstract proto-realities:

Energy as a universal abstract; energy as pure vibration

Time and Space dissolve into a single point with no arrow or direction; TimeSpace as an infinite loop

Matter as a web of infinite potentialities; matter as pure information