Generative Art International Conference

I have been invited to present Potential Entity at the 17th edition Generative Art Conference in Rome on 17th, 18th and 19th December.


Omega Point

I will be presenting my new work Omega Point at MKII, November 6th 2014.


Omega Point is an audiovisual interactive installation that explores the theme of consciousness as a quantum mechanics phenomenon.

Recent discoveries in neuroscience support a twenty-year-old controversial theory of consciousness entitled Orch-OR that states that consciousness does not emerge from complex computational activities inside the brain, as it was previously thought, but rather it emanates from quantum vibrations inside the microtubules. These microtubules are microscopic tubular structures present inside brain neurons. According to this theory, developed by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, consciousness exists as quantum information everywhere in the universe; we are merely the receivers of it rather than the creators. 

Omega Point invites the participants to perceive themselves as part of a cybernetic universe of infinite quantum information feedback loops.


MKII Studios, 71-75 Powerscroft Road E50PT, London



Residency at Arebyte

I will be presenting some new work as part of my residency at Arebyte in March 2015.


Potential Entity


On the surface the flow of information in Nature appears to be chaotic and un-programmable. By adding layers of Virtual Nature this flow of information can be streamlined, manipulated and shaped according to ones needs. Fantasies become a corporeal reality.

Potential Entity explores the expansion of human consciousness into the sphere of virtual reality. The participant is invited to enter into a 3D environment where materiality can be manipulated and distorted into a programmable flow of information.

The event will take place at Telstra International, a disused data storage and telecommunications centre. 21 Tabernacle Street, EC2A 4DE, London, UK

It will also be streamed online



I am very happy to announce the second installation in the series of works entitled Energy that explore the convergence of online and offline presence will take place at disused office space in London this coming June. More details to follow.


Channel Normal

I have launched a new curatorial project called Channel Normal which is an online exhibition space that predominantly focuses on presenting time-based works and / or web-based works.


Sonic cueB Experimental and Electronic Music Festival

I am very excited to be presenting my new work Extropy at the Sonic cueB Experimental and Electronic Music Festival that will take place between 24th and 26th March in London. For more info and tickets


8th Streaming Festival

One of my audiovisual works will be screened at the 8th Streaming Festival from the 1st until the 15th of December. More info here:


Symposium on Acoustic Ecology

My work will be presented as an installation at the forthcoming Symposium on Acoustic Ecology that will take place between 8th and 9th November at the University of Kent.


Visual Art Beat

Beyond The Zero Point has been featured in the Visual Artbeat magazine.