About us

Dear friends, everybody who dropped by accidentally or on purpose.

I, Christian Smodej, an really pleased to welcome you here in my small and cozy living room, where we meet as always to discuss the topics of health and well-being drinking hot and sweet mint tea. In my living room you will find a huge book-case with an immense number of various materials dedicated to various topics connected with our health and well-being in all its possible forms and shapes.

So, you can enjoy our discussions on the main page of the blog, where I put my contemplation of human body in general and various specific aspects of its operation, and the whole library on the health thematic, consisting of articles of world-famous authors, researchers, experts and scientists, which you are most welcome to read and use at your convenience.

Here in the site you can also find the list of almost all the existing medicines, organized in alphabetical order, and if you follow this link you will come to a specific cognitive database, containing quite detailed information on this subject.

Please, join our tea-party and let’s chat about health a little.